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Fri Jul 12th 2024    

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 Corby Industries, Inc.
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Our buddy Rich from Trycon Security Systems in Washington MO has put together a neat and compact package that can protect empty job sites from some serious theft and vandalism problems.

It seems that unguarded construction sites are natural magnets for thieves looking to steal tools and the very expensive building materials. Although this sales flyer is directed mostly towards the problems with construction job sites, this small and efficient package can easily be hand carried and deployed to almost any location where instant security is needed. It seems it's a natural for property managers, railroad yards, truck terminals just to name a few.


It's 100% wireless and uses your local cellular network to report intrusions to Trycon's 24hour emergency dispatch service. Just charge it up every once in a while, chain it securely to something really secure and then gain some peace of mind knowing you have a portable watchdog on the site.

The regular price is normally $999 but because Rich is such a nice guy he has agreed to give everyone a Corby Web site Discount of $250 as a Spring Special. If you have a need for a unit like this and would like to purchase one or a dozen, please give our sales department at Corby a call or send us email.

If you're a licensed alarm dealer and would like to add this neat item to your sales inventory please give us a call or send us email. The $100 down only applies to the Washington, MO local area. All others require payment in full plus approved credit and cellular service.

Oh, by the way, do you see that very cool Digital Keypad on the front of the unit?

If you have a product or service...
that also uses Corby parts or products and want some national and international exposure, please take some Hi-Rez pictures and/or send us some nice sales sheets or brochures along with a comprehensive description of the product and how it can help people. Remember, if it's a product it must be available for purchase now.

We have been in business for 35 years and have sold millions and millions of Corby Keypads and Access Control Systems so... we get hundreds and hundreds of phone calls from people looking for individuals who are in the business of providing Homeland Security Services and regularly sell, service and install our Corby products. If that's you... then we would like to feature you and your company with some nice pictures of some of your installations, your service staff, trucks and your world-wide headquarters.

Okay, okay. You really don't need lots of trucks and your office can be at home because we have found over the years that some of the best and most professional installations are done by "one or two man" operations who do marvelous work and are a real asset to their clients and to Corby. We thank everyone, both large and small, for being the best!

If you want to participate, make sure you have fresh batteries in your digital camera and then tell us a really good story using the camera and a paragraph or two using a simple word processor like Notepad. Or, if you still have one, your old typewriter will do just fine.

Then drop the stuff off here at our office or "zip" it up and email it to sales7 @ corby com or burn it to a CD and mail it to us here... We will do all the graphics and layout. If we need more we'll ask for it. When done, you will get featured on our web site. If you want your own web site and don't have one, please let us know as we can make that happen too.



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